Mixed Media

Hybrid Cabbage Installation

„Hybrid Cabbage“ is a personal translation of Bruno Latours hybrids, entities that can’t be put on one side of nature or culture— if you want to make this distinction. The installation presents a combination of animation, drawing in space, crafts, food preparation, fermentation, tradition, natural dye and gastronomy. The representation of red cabbage as plant and also ingredient and dye relates to the theory of hybrids and the questionability of separating nature and culture.

Natural dyed old napkins, red cabbage as sauerkraut, ceramics, engraved wine glasses, beans, pumpkin, wooden serving trolley with branded engravings, b/w prints, beamer projection, tablets.

Final Diploma Project


Each of the three days of the events ended with a collective dinner. That food was accompanied by wine from the tap – another sustainable aspect of the collective. With the tap station my illustrations were also appearing in the room.

For my presentation I had the chance to get the tap station of "ebb and flow", who are the start-up behind wine from tap and one part of "Off Plate".

The installation was the second part of my artistic diploma. It started up with the collaboration with "Off Plate": For their event "Ist das Essen oder kann das weg?" which was dealing with the subject of food waste, I created three animations to announce the events online. These animations were presented in the installation on tablets, sewn in red-cabbage-dyed napkins.

To use one vegetables in different forms was a consequence from the event – it picks up the subject of food waste and the avoidance of it.

Wood Jewellery

Hand made jewellery out of one peace of wood that was supposed to be burned in a fireplace. Instead drawings are burned in it.

Focus on ear-cuffs and rings.



Wood is regional, wood is growing, wood is easy to handle, wood is light.

Forms can be carved in, easy tools to work with it. Noone has to dig in caves for it, it doesn't have to be transported for thousands of miles. I can go to the forest or garden, stoop and pick up a piece.

Wearing it symbolizes the connection between human and non-human beings.


Love for Sale

Beach towel



Photos of "Hybrid Cabbage", Wood Jewellery and "Love for Sale" by Fenja Cambeis

Loose and Win – Installation

Presentation of the Original drawings for "Loose and Win"

Wood, ceramics, saussage, anthuria, ink on paper



My publication "Give and Take" deals with the habit of humans to use non-human beings for their needs. As a result and at the same time as a symbol for that behaviour occurs a shelf which gives the human the opportunity to collect more objects of nature and of desire. 

In the following publication "Lo(o)se and Win" I picked up that object and transferred it on human society. Because everyone has that shelf. And between humans comes up a competition about the best shelf and a hierarchy under shelf-owners.

With building a shelf in the same proportions like in my drawings I wanted to include myself in that object of observation. At the same time objects out of the publication appear in the shelf like the anturie in the vase or the nest. The bird happens to be a poultry saussage as an exxagerated symbol for humans further processing of nature. The nest is at the same time a plate where we could eat the saussages from.

Glase drawing on handmade ceramics

Salad bowl

Small bowls


In the ancient tradition of coloring ceramics and porcelain dishes, plants and flowers have always been a popular motif. As an object of illustration we chose the apple. This fruit is one of the most popular and prevalent in Germany and throughout Europe.

The apple is said to symbolize love, sexuality, fertility, realization, arbitration, harvest (abundance). A sequence of various stages and perspectives (apple twig with blossoms, entire apple, split in two presenting its core) painted on a large salad bowl, refers to the apple’s life cycles.The bitten off apple is now visible in the small, empty salad bowl. In the transients of everything only the apple seeds prevail and thus life begins anew.

Each of the bowls have been handmade on the potter´s wheel by KimCeramics and then hand-painted and signed by me. All pieces are unique pieces and are slightly different in size, shape and design.

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